Why To Use Tally ERP & Prime Accounting Software in Small – Medium Companies?

Tally ERP and Prime Accounting Software 1

No Training Cost

If your business comes under the category of a small-medium enterprise, you must consider Tally. You can get maximum work done with minimum employees. Also, there is no training cost associated with the software as most employees are used to using Tally. The software takes care of all accounting needs of a business including return filing and statutory compliance.

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Worldwide Tally Software Support

Software support is an important factor while deciding the software to work with. Tally Prime provides 100% free support through telephonic calls. You can also get on-site or online paid quick support from any of the Tally service providers worldwide.

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Reliable Brand

There are many software available for business management today, but this software is new and does not have a huge network of service providers to provide you with after-sales support. Tally has been in the market for more than three decades and has never failed to impress its users with its updates.

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Tally pays attention to minute subtleties and in this manner has definite elements. Tally has highlighted for each business type and element can be empowered according to the prerequisite. It is a finished bundle that deals with your bookkeeping needs as well as your stock administration, fabricating business needs, finance, spending plans, and significantly more.

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Other than the existing features, Tally can also be customized to get new features in Tally other than the existing ones. Thus there is scope to even add new features to your software from time to time


Perpetual license

Tally license is unending for example after a one-time installment, you can utilize the product until at whatever point you need. Dissimilar to another programming that is accessible on a membership premise. In this way, it is one-time speculation with lifetime administration Though there are a few extra highlights like remote access, information synchronization, and future updates that expect you to pay a negligible charge called the Tally Software Service expense yearly.

Trusted By 2 Million Users Worldwide

Presently, Tally has 2 million users not just in India but worldwide. It is a trusted software as it has been used by businesses for a very long time. The aim of Tally is to be as simple as possible while providing the maximum possible value to its users.

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Flexibility to use on Cloud or Offline

Tally we should conclude whether you need your information to be on a nearby server i.e uses it disconnected or on the cloud. Count on cloud is an assistance that you can profit from any of the specialist organizations. It is an incredible method for utilizing Tally from any gadget, whenever and from any place.

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Statutory Compliance

Compliance assumes a fundamental part in bookkeeping and in this way every bookkeeping or business the board programming should agree to the legal guidelines. These legal standards continue to change every now and then and in this manner, the product that you use for bookkeeping should have the capacity to execute these progressions and keep you at standard with all the legal compliance necessities.

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Online Reporting

Tally online report review or program detailing permits you to see your Tally reports from the program. All you really want is a web association and the qualifications expected to sign in to your Tally account from the Tally site. After you log in, you can see your Tally information as adroit reports. These reasons make Tally Prime extremely strong and creative programming for little as well as large businesses.