6 Effective Local business Marketing Techniques for Your Business in India

6 effective local marketing techniques for Your business in India

Marketing is the most essential part of your local business if you want to increase your sales revenue.

The biggest mistake by people who fail in business is they promote their product and services to the wrong audience.

For a successful business only having a great product and service is not enough it should be marketed to the right audience and for that you should have a smart marketing plan.

This is the age of Internet marketing and having a right digital marketing strategy to promote your local business is a must.

In this article we are going to share the most important 6 local marketing strategies you need to implement to grow your local business in India, Which will help you to reach the right customers and audience. Whether you own a grocery store, local restaurant, clinic, Bar, Hotel, Clinic, Beauty parlor or any local business. These 6 local marketing tips will help you to grow your business in any part of the India. 

6 Strategies to promote Small Business online to attract more customers for local business

1. First Things First, List and Update Your Profile on Google My Business

If you don’t know it let me tell you google is the biggest search engine and every business should now leverage all the available marketing tools and opportunities available to promote your local business.

Always keep your Google My business Profile listing update, It will help you to attract new customers to your local store and You can collect and showcase your customers reviews to attract more customers.

Try To make a post everyday on your google my business page it would give your business a wide reach. 

2. Take reviews from customers on google my business and promote them on all other social media platforms 

The best way to attract customers and make them believe in your product or service is customer reviews. Provide great customer service and never lose a change to get a review on google my business and promote all good reviews on social media frequently.

Customer’s review create a positive impact on new customers and there are 80-90% more chances that they will purchase from you.

3. Improve your local search by Local SEO Optimization

The next thing which will boost your visibility on google is your local Search optimisation. We have already mentioned that you can convert 80-90% customers into sales by improving your local search visibility for your small business.

Whenever people add phrases like “Near me”  in their search term on google local SEO comes in action.

Hire a in-house team to optimise the local search visibility or hire a Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi.

4.Post  Different Offers 

Everyone Likes offers, Right?? Offer can be anything free bie, post selling service, discount and more.
You have to categories your offers into at least two groups which will help you to attract more and recurring customers for your local business.

Firstly make an offer for the people who are coming first time on your google my business page and interested in your business product or services.

Secondly make an offer for people who made a purchase from you but never came back. Your offer could attract your customers back to purchase again. 

5. Facebook and Instagram ads for Brand Awareness  

Facebook and Instagram are the most popular platforms among every age group now and Facebook and Instagram ads will help you to reach the right audience near your locality.

Run Facebook and Instagram by targeting your locality and the right audience avatar for your local business. Brand awareness ads will help people to recognise your business and they will happily purchase from a known local business.

If you can run it by yourself then start running Facebook ads for local business or hire a social media ads expert.

6. Promote your local Business using Google ads to get more Quality leads   

Most people who want any product or service make their search on google. The most advantage for you is you already have listed your business on google my business.

The next step to get more quality leads for small business at very low cost is to run google ads to promote your google my business listing. It would help you to come up with more quality leads because your ad will be shown to the people who are truly searching for the product or service your deals in. 


  Marketing small business locally is the biggest challenge among small business owners but after reading these six most important techniques to promote your business locally you will find it easy.

Hope you enjoyed it, Share to your friend and make a comment if you have any query or suggestion. 

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